Emblems - Transfers

Heat seal emblems VetiGrade

ISO 11611:2007 certified after 50 industrial washings according to ISO 15797. Ideal for EPIFR unmatched performance for industrial laundering. Digital printing. Reproduction of any complex logos (degraded, reliefs, pictures). finish for sewing drone serged NOMEX. Starting from 15 pieces for a logo. Nominative from 1 piece. Upon a room for restocking.

Transfers VetiMax IW FR 

Universal arises in almost all tissues (workwear, parkas, PPE, sportswear ... including delicate fabrics such as polyester and polyurethane).
Versatile, apply 130 to 190 ° C.
Certified to ISO 11611:2007.
Starting from 25 pieces to a first order.
soon one room for restocking.


Silkscreen transfer rolls

On paper tape for direct labeling of textiles.
Highly resistant to industrial washing.
Batch 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, etc.

Blank emblems for sublimation  
With or without frame embroidery sewing or heat setting for printing sublimation transfer
Quality: 100% polyester 
Available in white, red, green and blue, with a white background
Minimum order 100 pieces 
Also available: 5 x 5 cm, 7.5 x 7.5 cm, 10 x 5 cm, 11 x 4 cm, 11 x 2.5 cm, 26 x 9 cm, 27 x 16 cm with rounded corners and 7.5 cm round